You go to heaven once you’ve been to hell what is this fanlisting about?

This website is the only fanlisting listed at dedicated to Leonard Cohen, and aims to create the biggest listing of fans for this gorgeously glowing poet and musician.

From this broken hill all your praises they shall ring my love for Leonard Cohen

Here is a musician whose naked melody and poetic structures write their own midnight tale brimming with a daunting truth and clarity; here is a musician who is not afraid to rip out bare truths about sexual relationships and conflicts, and the evasive reality of our human isolation into velveted words.

Why did I build this fanlisting for Leonard Cohen? I find that Cohen’s music is like a corkscrew to the heart: he has this darkly intense talent to scrawl out the words of a broken meshed soul, and sing them into desperate clarity. His songs linger on A minors and gentle F majors; his guitar fingerpicking resists the familiar speed of a singer-songwriter, instead creating a unique melody in his cinematic world of heartbreak, sexual conflict, damaged relationships, and reality.

His music has accompanied some serious times in my life, where I have questioned my own morality and fate, and so Cohen is something I cannot imagine my musical catalogue and life without, but equally cannot bear to listen to during my darkest, most revealing, and denying times. His music and writing is so insightful and in harmony with the truth, and this is something I greatly appreciate and admire.

If you also love Leonard Cohen, then why not join the fanlisting for free (this is a voluntary fan effort), and add your name to the growing list of his fans? :)